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What to Expect with Serenity Life Center?

Professional, Confidential, Discrete, Punctual and Caring Individualized Treatment and Coaching Services.

Substance Abuse Treatment (California Only)

Serenity Life Center eliminates unnecessary interactions and helps make your recovery experience unique and effective by individual online treatment. Our counseling is done through a secure HIPPA approved portal.

Life Coaching

Many situations in life can catch you off guard and out of sorts. You may find yourself with no direction in many of life’s circumstances. We offer short term life coaching, meaning one or a few sessions to get you back on track or long term the choice is yours.

Post Treatment Coaching

After your primary treatment is over, Serenity Life Center can provide post treatment coaching for issues with alcohol, drug abuse along with other debilitating behaviors. In the comforts of your own home via video/phone.


There are many circumstances where it makes sense to seek a controlled environment for addiction treatment but not in all cases.

Serenity Life Center provides a unique treatment and coaching programs that caters to people in these situations along with more serious cases that need long term counseling/coaching.  We not only have counselors to help, but referrals to healthy chefs, Yoga instructors, Acupuncturists, Massage therapy, and more to provide a more rounded treatment.

If you, an employee, friend, or loved is in crisis, contact us today and learn why Serenity Life Center is the right choice for addiction treatment & coaching.

Serenity Life Center’s Individualized Treatment Service for Addition Treatment in California only & the rest of our services are available nationwide.

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