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Serenity Life Center Provides Individualized Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment along with Post Treatment Coaching

Drug Addiction Treatment

Serenity Life Center eliminates unnecessary interactions and helps make your recovery experience unique and effective by coming to your home, office, or church.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

People struggling with Alcohol often find themselves in more trouble being around like minded folks. We come to you in a relaxing, healing environment you choose.

Post Recovery Coaching

After you leave the recovery center, the journey is just beginning. You need additional resources that help keep you on track and help put you on the permanent road to recovery.

Serenity Life Center Provides Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services, Post Treatment Coaching and More!

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slc-about6Serenity Life Center is a unique individualized treatment program that eliminates one of the biggest barriers for starting and maintaining a successful drug or alcohol program.  What makes us different is we come to your home, office, church or any public place you feel is the right environment for your healing.  Programs can even be conducted over the phone or by video chat.

Business executives and professionals who are trapped in the grip of addictive behavior often have lives they cannot put on hold. Serenity Life Center offers professional treatment program in which a channel of communication is allowed to remain open between the individual being treated and their professional world.  By going to your office for counseling or mandatory meetings, you can maintain your lifestyle and get the treatment you need without jeopardizing your career.

After intensive clinical evaluations, our team collaborates with patients and clients to draft an individualized treatment plans with an emphasis on life-changing behavioral therapy, psycho-educational classes ranging from understanding the disease of addiction to relapse prevention along with additional resources like Yoga, Acupuncture, Healthy Chefs, and Massage therapy.

Serenity Life Center’s Individualized Treatment Service Area is Orange County, California

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